Friday, March 30, 2012

Gold glitter nails.

(Forever21 nail polish)

In honor of seeing the Hunger Games tonight, I will be wearing this awesome shirt and painting my nails gold.

I'm looking forward to starting a couple of sewing projects this weekend after getting $40 worth of fabric for $20 from an awesome coupon from Living Social! What are your plans?

Here's some blog love for my favorite posts this week:

Read Karen's inspiring story about a homeless man showing her what giving is all about.

Check out Miss Cactus's (soon to be MRS. Cactus) first engagement party.

Part one and part two of Michelle's photo session with The Digital Bird.

Fabulous printed jeans from Brooke at Lovers Letters.

For you Harry Potter fans: some college friends picked up and moved to England recently. They live near the real Hogwarts!!

Wanting to make an awesome scrapbook like Elsie.

Haven't read the post from Dana at Wonder Forest about her thoughts on the Hunger Games movie. Will read after tonight!

Happy weekending, y'all! (Still trying on the y'all thing...)


  1. Pretty nail combo. I saw the Hunger Games over the weekend and loved it! Hope your weekend was lovely.

    xo erica

    1. I'm so glad you liked it! I liked it too. It was a lot different than I expected (in a good way). =)


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