Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pulled a Nikol.

Two weekends ago Robbie went hunting for wild boar (kind of gross), Phil went to Dallas and Lety left for her week-long adventure in New York. Yes, that's about the extent of my close friend circle- SO FAR!- in Austin. I'm only two months in, people! These things take time! That left me here all alone in Austin.

Instead of venturing out, I pulled a Nikol and crafted Saturday night.

My apartment is pretty... bare. To say the least. I haven't spent too much time or money trying to decorate the place because I only signed a 6-month lease. I'll be outta here in four months, so what's the point in putting anything up when I'll just have to take it down in a few weeks? Let me tell you: the point is keeping yourself sane. I work from home and looking at bare walls all day drives me crazy.

So I headed to the Goodwill and picked up some awesome gold frames. By the way, the Goodwill by my house is amazing. It's really clean and organized AAAND I even found some name brand stuff- Seven & J Crew jeans, a pretty coach purse, a blue mason jar... I only bought the mason jar, but everything else definitely caught my eye.

I spent the next couple of hours watching Downton Abbey on Netflix and making photo collages for my new frames.

Please excuse my super dark apartment. I was crafting at night and wouldn't you know it, I have zero overhead lighting in my living room.

Excellent for photo taking, I know.

Everyone in Texas is so dang nice. I don't know how many people stopped to comment on how pretty all my frames were while I was walking around at the Goodwill. Maybe it was because I was at the Goodwill... and crazy people shop at the Goodwill. Does that mean I'm a crazy Goodwill shopper?

I loved that this frame had a painting in it, but found the painting kind of creepy. It got covered up with scrapbook paper. Sorry, little kids in the meadow.


Again, super dark. But doesn't that look so nice?! Now I have something to look at all day while sitting at my desk!

Some frame inspiration:


  1. I love your photo frame collage!

  2. Hi there! We have a group of girls, all Austin bloggers, getting together at Hugo's on Lamar for happy hour next Wednesday to meet, greet and network if you would like to join!

    1. Oh how funny- I just realized you and I are in the same group! Looks like I'll be seeing you next week!

    2. YES! I definitely will be seeing you there! I'm so excited to meet everyone! =)

  3. How cute!! They look great! Oh and p.s. Downton Abbey is the BEST. Watching that show + crafting = the ideal night in alone

    1. Um, I'm obsessed with Downton Abbey. It's so amazing. Love your blog, lady. Way to kill it at law school.


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