Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tonight, we are young.

It's ridiculous how much blog inspiration can be packed into one weekend. Meeting so many women who have the same exact passion as you do is like meeting 200 best friends all at once. I love that our stalker-like tendencies of following one another's lives via blogs was 100% totally acceptable and encouraged this weekend.

As I mentioned in my last post, I took the lovely Lety to the Poshmark Party Saturday night as my date.

Have I mentioned this on my blog yet? I gave up sweets for lent this year.

Which is a total bummer when I find myself in the presence of a cupcake tower.

The Poshmark Party had so many awesome sponsors, one of them being LuLu's. Lety spun the LuLu wheel and got a $10 gift card! Score!

I spun and got a whopping FIFTY DOLLARS! Lucky me! I've been scoping out a couple of adorable dresses on their website for summer.

Lety and I wishing we needed to wear glasses.

There was a photobooth outside and a Poshmark photo couch inside. Lety and I didn't quite make it to the couch (there were so many girls taking photos), so we grabbed some props and had our own photo sesh.

Because we're obsessed with Pinterest, Lety and I decided that we needed to have a Pinterest craft party and make this adorable framed necklace holder that we found at the Stella & Dot sponsor table.

We left semi-early because we had to to the airport to pick up Rachel, who was coming in for SXSW Interactive. As we were walking to the car, Lety and I saw a mob of people walking toward us with music blaring. We went over to check out what was going on...

Turns out there was a Decentralized Dance Party going on for SXSW. The leader of the pack, who had a giant, light-up Gandalf-like staff, led this giant group of people around Austin for a dance party. When the Gandalf stick moved to a new location, the people moved with it. Everyone had boomboxes that were tuned to the same station, so music was blaring. Lety and I joined in for 5 songs or so until Gandalf decided it was time to move on to 6th Street. We bid our Decentralized Dance Party people adieu and went to pick up Rachel.

Only in Austin, right?

I got some footage of the sweet dance party, so I'll be sure to share that soon!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to the ladies at the Texas Style Council. You did such a fabulous job hosting the TxSC Blogger Conference and I can't thank you enough for all of the time and effort you put into making the entire weekend a huge success. Elissa, Indiana and the gang- you ladies rock.


  1. i was there too! too bad we didn't get to meet! it was such a blast

    1. It was!! I hope you hda as much fun as I did!

  2. I don't know how we never ran into each other Saturday night! It's not like the room was that big! Lol. So weird!! Cute pics girl!!

    1. Seriously... out of all the days there, we finally ran into each other in the parking lot. What are the odds? =)


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