Tuesday, July 10, 2012

On a pontoon

Have you heard Little Big Town's "Pontoon" song? It's one of my favorites right now.

The music video pretty much sums up our party boat excursion last weekend. Kate, one of the Arizona girls I met earlier this year, invited me and Robbie to a pre-fourth of July party on a boat with her Arizona friends. We counted ourselves in and had a great time floating, jumping off the upper deck of the boat and dancing.

We all worked up the nerve to jump off the top deck of the boat. Robbie went first.

 This kid did a bellyflop! OW.

Lauren and Phil, our boating and floating buddies.

There were sections of the water that were really warm. Not THAT kind of warm (although I'm sure there was a lot of bladder relief happening in the water). I guess there are warm pockets of water sometimes in a lake. It was gross.

I jumped a second time off the upper deck. Here's the crew down below.

Kate did such a great job planning the trip. There were over 60 people on the boat and we all had a fantastic time.


  1. I'm totally jelly of all of these warm weather activities!

    1. I'm totally jelly of your cool weather in SF! It's sticky here. Boohoo! But that means we get to float the river & go boating!


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