Thursday, July 5, 2012

Patriotic in San Antonio

Happy day-after Independence Day! How was everyone's fourth?!

We decided to be extra patriotic- and extra Texan- by celebrating Independence Day in San Antonio, home of the Alamo. Robbie, Robbie's roommate Phil (am I Robbie's roommate now since we're living together?!), Phil's girlfriend Lauren and I made the quick drive to San Antonio after work on Tuesday and stayed at the Hilton on the Riverwalk.

After we got ready at the hotel and started walking the Riverwalk to scope out places to eat, we noticed something slightly embarrassing about how we were dressed...

We matched! I acted embarrassed, but I really loved it in a sick kind of way.

The next day I saw an older couple wearing matching button-down American flag shirts at the Alamo. They looked adorable, which confirmed that our couple-matching outfits the night before were 100% ok in San Antonio.

We had this lovely drink (and a couple more) so the photos stop here.

I'll share our Alamo adventure tomorrow! Hope everyone's fourth was as relaxing as ours.


  1. Dan and I got some matching poncho sweaters on our vacation in mexico and yesterday we put them on to go watch fireworks and Ben pointed it out. Embarrassing, getting called out by a two year old.

  2. ahhh looks like fun! I love that yall matched hahahah


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