Friday, August 31, 2012

Miss Katerina

When Kat, or Katerina as I like to call her, and I met our freshman year in college, we instantly bonded over our weirdness. Kat's the kind of friend that I feel like I've known since birth. We're both prone to dancing and singing (like the picture above) when sweet jams are on. We love The Office and How I Met Your Mother. We make weird noises. And she's one of the few who I don't mind snuggling with in bed (I'm not a very cuddly person).

When you have a friend like Kat that you feel like you've known since forever, it's hard to differentiate what I liked/what I did pre-Kat-era because it feels like she's been around forever. Do you have friends like that?

I met Kat when she was dating a close friend of mine our freshman year in college. She and I obviously hit it off pretty well, but it didn't really occur me that we'd be close, long-term friends until our sophomore year in college. Kat and I were living together and I was having an especially hard time after a tough break up with a boyfriend. Weeks went by, maybe even a month or two, after we had broken up and I was still pretty torn up about it. Kat knew how sad I was and left me the sweetest card on my desk for me to find. Her kind words and thoughtful gesture made it really click in my mind that she was a great friend that I needed to hang on to for a long, long time.

This weekend, Robbie and I are lucky to have Kat from today all the way til Monday.

Here are a couple more photos of Kat and me from our college days. Just for kicks.

Us being ice monkeys while we bake:

Hitting the bars at 6 a.m. on graduation morning:

And us just being normal. :)

Love you, Katerina!

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