Saturday, January 14, 2012

Resolving to GET OUT.

I'm pretty sure I've been having good karma lately. It seems like everyone I meet in Austin is super friendly and always inviting me and Robbie to do things. It's just not normal. People are not this friendly ever.

I'm riding this good karma out. Thanks to everyone I've met that's welcomed me to Texas. Y'all are awesome. (People really say y'all here. All the time. I love it.)

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend. This is a planning weekend with a couple of shopping trips thrown in. I don't want to be a bump on a log every weekend I'm in Austin, so I've been checking out some fun things to do in the coming weeks (thanks, Blanca, for all of the cool sites you've been giving me!):

The Color Run.
A group of new friends and I are planning on doing this 5k in February.

The night after The Color Run, we're heading to Carnival, a crazy Brazillian-style Mardi Gras party. We're going to Lucy in Disguise to get some sweet costumes.

Lety, a graduate art/museum student that I've met and LOVE, really wants to show me G'raj Mahal, an Indian outdoor restaurant near Rainey Street. Rainey Street is awesome- a post on Rainey Street another day.

I'm registering to attend a blogger conference in Austin held by the Texas Style Council. I found this conference on Adored Austin's blog and am stoked about it. It's also the weekend of my birthday!!

Texas Style Council

One last thing to add to the "To-Do" list: SEE THE BATS!! In Austin a gazillion bats fly out from under some bridge at dusk and apparently it's a really cool sight to see. There's also The Bat Bar that I want to visit on 6th Street.

Isn't this postcard gorgeous? Also, more on my postcard project later.

What are some fun things in your city that you want to do?! Find some cool events and share them with me. Resolve this year to NOT stay in on the weekends.

This weekend, however, will be a low-key one. Enjoy your weekend. I'm going to go grab a bagel, curl up with my Mindy book and gear up to go shopping later today while Robbie does the ESPN thing this afternoon.

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