Monday, January 16, 2012

Some Austin blog love

I'm giving Austin blogs some love today.

Three favorites that I've found so far:

1. Austin Eavesdropper by Tolly Moseley
I'm pretty sure this is the most popular blog in Austin, and possibly Texas! Tolly's a storyteller. She posts great little tidbits about her life everyday. My favorite recent post is the "Austin Eavesdropper TV" video interview she did with Jaynie Buckingham from Cutie Pies Bakery.

2. I'm loving Adored Austin by Indiana Adams. She's part of the Texas Style Council, who's hosting a Blogger Conference in March (my birthday weekend!). Miss Indiana, I wish I had your fashion sense.

3. The Possumbox. Their videos crack me up.

And of course, a picture for the day. A group of us went to the UT/Texas A&M game last week and I felt like I was at an NBA game. Why is UT's basketball stadium so big?!

Who are your favorite bloggers?

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