Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hitting the town

Oh man, the last two weekends have been full of family, friends and FOOD. Robbie and I have been on the go, entertaining visitors in Austin and being visitors in Michigan.

We'll start with the weekend of Ashley and Kyle.

The two of them got into Austin a couple Fridays ago and we started the night off at the Roarin' Fork downtown. We ate way too much and had some tasty drinks with dinner.

Then, in true 23-year-old-fashion, we hit the bars. A while ago, Robbie and I went out with some friends/strangers (they're one in the same, really) and they took us to this bar that serves Flaming Dr. Pepper shots. They should be called BLAZING FIRE Dr. Pepper shots...

(I love the expression on the girl in the green dress!)

There were a lot of Bachelorette parties out that night. We met up with some friends and swapped stories about participating in Bachelorette activities. I sang to a Bachelorette ("Call Me Maybe," of course) and I think one of the boys gave a bachelorette a piggy back ride?

Typical night on the town. Ashley and I agreed that Sixth Street was like a blown-up version of our college town's downtown scene.

Floating pictures to come tomorrow!

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