Thursday, August 23, 2012

Beating the heat

The heat was pretty brutal while Kyle and Ashley were here, so to beat the heat we took a little river floating trip (my favorite thing to do when it's 100+ degrees outside). Brittany from Secondhand Magpie joined our adventure with her two adorable dogs and fun husband, Micah.

The working boys. Robbie has met these cool friends from work. They're the greatest.

And The Chad! We don't know where he came from...

The water was a little lower than last time and less cold. Or maybe I was just prepared for the chilly water this time around. Either way, it was so very refreshing. Within the first couple of minutes of hopping on in my tube, I got the camera wet. Prepare for some very blurry photos ahead!

Roberto. Typical.

The boys. Love Micah's face in this one!

And Robbie's in this one.

Brittany and her adorable puppies! They were so great! They stayed in their tubes and floated with us all day. Brittany and Micah are great dog parents. When Robbie and I get a puppy (still have my puppy fund going!), they'll have to teach us a thing or two.

Precious doggies.

The whole gang!

Ashley and Kyle were troopers. They live in Utah, so they're not used to the Texas heat. Thanks for being such good sports, guys!

Chad found some lovely ladies who were part of a bachelorette party (there were a lot of those that weekend). He was in heaven until...

the girls wouldn't get out of his tube.

We kept floating away as Chad figured out how to get the girls to give him his tube back.

Philly Bob! Fun fact about Phil: see that roman numeral two on his chest? He got that because he's the second of triplets!! How neat is that? He has an older and younger sister.

Robbie's river rapids floating position. Even though the water was lower, we didn't get stuck in rocks nearly as often as we did last time when we floated through the rapids part.

 Floating under the hot sun all day really wore us out, so we went to the Salt Lick for dinner. Since it's BYOB, we brought all of our leftover beers to dinner, hence the ice chest.

Ashley and I kept seeing "Wine Tasting" signs with arrows. We followed the arrows that led us to this:

Which led us to a little tasting room! Right up our alley. For $5 we tried 5 different kinds of Texas wines. The boys had no clue where we were and had to come find us after we disappeared for half an hour!

Needless to say, Sunday was a resting day.

Thanks for a fun visit, Ashley and Kyle! Come back and visit soon, y'all.


  1. Looks like you guys had a great time! The Saltlick is always a good stop after floating. But after so much much beer and sun, sometimes all that food is too much to look at!

    1. So true! We were completely stuffed after Salt Lick and hit the sack by 8:30. :) Thanks for checking in, Sandra!

  2. I live in WI and in July we hit with the worst heat! It was like over 100 degrees and humid, it was terrible. I'm glad its finally cooling down into fall weather. Hopefully it does the same for you!!

    kelly elizabeth


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