Monday, August 6, 2012

Kayaking Lady Bird Lake

It was another adventure weekend in Austin for Roberto and me. 

We borrowed kayaks from the lovely Lauren at Cactus Collective and shoved off in Barton Creek.

I'm obsessed with Barton Creek. The bridges over looking the water are perfect for late afternoon walks and the water is a magical shade of blue, almost turquoise.

More bridge shots.

After paddling down Barton Creek, we made it to Lady Bird Lake. There's a ton of plant growth going on in the lake right now, which is gross for kayakers but good for the lake's ecosystem.

Can you see Lauren and Phil in the background? They kayaked with us for a little while too!

Our adventure buddies. Since Lauren is moving to Houston pretty soon, we've been crossing off a lot of bucket list items before she leaves. Kayaking was on the list!

A little bit of city and a little bit of nature. That's what makes Austin so awesome. I love the urban forest feel.

Robbie found a little friend on his kayak that stayed with him the entire trip. We named her Gweneth.

At the end of our 3 mile (YES, THREE MILES!! Freaking jeez that's far) kayak adventure, it was time for Gwen to find a permanent home. So Robbie made her a home out of gross excess lake plant growth.

And was sure not to hit her with his paddle on the way out. What a gentle giant.

Thanks, Lauren, for letting us steal your kayaks for an afternoon!


  1. You are the most welcome! They look great on you two :)

  2. So pretty! Miss you and miss Austin. xoxo

    1. :) Miss you and Dan! Hope you're loving Portland and babies and sister time.

  3. I think Gweneth was actually dead... Sorry Robert!

  4. This place looks so nice.. I've never been kayaking and have never felt like i wanted to, but after seeing this it' probably going to end up on my bucket list!

    1. How sweet! It's surprisingly fun, especially on a hot day. :)


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