Thursday, August 2, 2012


List formation will have to do today:

1. Robbie and I got to spend a nice, long weekend in San Diego with the Moen clan. It was a perfect 75 degrees outside with zero humidity. Bliss.

2. I won a whopping total of $1.40 at the Del Mar racetrack over a course of 10 races. Everyone in our party left winners, which never happens.

3. There's two yards of yellow, orange, grey and brown-striped fabric sitting in my kitchen waiting to cover my ugly, brown kitchen chair seats. Hello, craft weekend!

4. Next to the two yards of fabric in our kitchen are tons of picture frames and art to be hung in our apartment. Even though Robbie and I have been living in our new place for a month, decorating has been put on hold since we've been MIA every weekend. After visiting Cactus's apartment last week for a craft night, I was inspired by her cool interior designing skills that I've dedicated this weekend to sprucing up our apartment.

5. Got to celebrate their debut on House Hunters with Ruthie and Jon a couple weeks ago. It was so much fun hanging out with her friends and family and it was WEIRD seeing them on tv! Thanks for a fun evening, Ruthie and Jon!

6. Our summer trips are coming to an end. We're going out with a big bang in August, taking an extra long weekend to go to a Michigan Lake House with Robbie's family. Totally looking forward to relaxing by the lake and definitely looking forward to staying still for a while in Austin. Traveling is exhausting!

7. Staying put in Austin means we'll have friends come visit US! Can't wait to have my wonderful college friend, Katerina, come visit in September.

Been feeling pretty lucky lately to be able to visit family and friends this month and to be able to adventure around Austin with new friends.

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  1. cant wait to see your craftiness lady! and loved getting to share our House Hunters night with yall


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