Thursday, September 27, 2012

Catching the Sewing Bug

Robbie's parents got me a sewing machine for my birthday back in March. After a failed attempt at sewing earlier this year, I finally faced my fears and pulled out the sewing machine for another crack at it.

Turns out, I just had my sewing machine threaded wrong.

My b.

Since successfully making this beauty:

I've been obsessed with sewing. I made another fun dress (courtesy of Trip Over Joy's tutorial) and have been dying to try new tutorials.

 Here are a few of sewing/crafting blogs I've come across and now adore:

She's starting her own fashion line. Check out her beautiful lace pencil skirt and cardigan tutorials.

I have all the supplies to make this clutch and want to make this cute dress with pockets.


  1. Was that the dress you wore to HH? I had no idea! It looked amazing on you, too!

    1. It WAS! Thanks so much, my friend! I want my next dress to be more casual- the black one is a little to fancy for my taste!

  2. wowzassssssssssssss you are amazing! teach me!


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