Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Austin: The New Hollywood

Apparently this incredibly handsome individual is in Austin.

(via IMDB)

As are Christian Bale and Natalie Portman. Apparently.

Robbie and I are convinced that they're filming on our street because it's been shut down for two weeks and there's no construction going on.

Curious? Definitely.

I really do think that Austin is becoming a new, cool spot for celebrities to hang out. Austin is like Hollywood's chill, younger brother who's in a band- everyone wants to hang out with him, but he doesn't get noticed as much as attention-crazed Hollywood.

Robbie and I had a celebrity run-in the other day. After playing volleyball at Zilker park with some friends, we headed to Baby A's to have their famous purple margaritas. We sat outside so the boys could watch sports on the back patio. A group of men were watching football as well and eventually got up to leave. Their bikes were right outside the patio, close to where we were sitting.

Everyone in our group started whispering and I wasn't catching on to what they were saying (must've been the purple margaritas). Finally Robbie told me, "that's Woody Harrelson."

"Who's Woody Harrelson?" immediately went through my mind. When I looked over at him, I saw HAYMITCH from the Hunger Games unlocking his bike and riding away.

 (via Wiki)

Such is the tale of when I could've been Woody Harrelson's date to the next Hunger Games premiere.


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