Thursday, September 20, 2012

Smashing Good Time

It took me and Robbie an hour and three stops to get to Spicewood Springs. We thought it would take 20 minutes, but Google Maps fooled us and took us to three different locations that were supposedly where this demolition derby was taking place.

I guess technology really is only as smart the user...

When we got there, we were in for a true, Texas treat. We arrived with a tiny cooler full of beer and no clue what to expect. We walked in to the derby to the sounds of people cheering and cars revving. We stood behind what looked like high school football bleachers that were set up around a makeshift track. Being five-foot-three really has its disadvantages, sometimes. I could barely see the cars smashing into each other when the blow horn started the round. The kind mom sitting on the top bleacher in front of where I was standing offered me the family's ice chest to stand on. Lots of people were doing this to get a good look at the cars driving around.

Eventually, Robbie and I made it to a prime bleacher spot and settled in to cheer for our favorite cars.

We couldn't help but cheer on the maroon Texas A&M car that came out for the second round of the derby. Our friends, Phil and Chad, were watching the Texas A&M game while we watched the A&M car get smashed up.

As one derby-attendee said, "welcome to my rather unusual community- a demographic mix of wealthy retirees, cosmic cowboys, goat farmers, Southern Baptists, meth addics and tattoo fanatics. And the thing that brings us all together? Smashing cars."


  1. How fun! I've never heard this took place. Gonna have to remember for next year!

    1. It was so much fun! I'm definitely adding it to my "to-do" list for next year. :) We should tailgate at the derby together!


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