Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My Sad Bookshelf

Yesterday, I did the laundry dance. You know the one where you arrive at the laundry room in your apartment complex and all of the washing machines are full? So you keep checking to see when the sucker moves their clothes from the washing machines to the dryer? Such is the life of an apartment dweller. After walking back to my apartment a second time after checking if the machines were free- they were not- I noticed that one of my neighbors has the most amazing apartment ever. He has SEVEN bookcases! SEVEN. This is our one, lonesome, empty sad little bookshelf:

Sad, I know.

Can you spot my doggy fund and our decorated wine glasses from our Michigan trip

At my California home, I have this really great, rich, chocolate brown book shelf that's overflowing with books in my bedroom. These days, with how quick and easy it is to read on my iPad, I find myself buying fewer and fewer books and downloading books more often. Do you find yourself doing the same or are you keeping Barnes & Noble in business?

Here are some wonderful libraries to be inspired by today:

(source & via: here)

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